Our Purpose

Love and Worship God
God has created us to worship Him. At Bible Baptist, our goal is for every program we build and every service we host to be centered around one thing, worshipping God. Whether we are worshipping corporately through singing or individually through giving, our goal in worshipping God is simply to show Him how much we love Him; after all, that is the very reason we exist.
Share The Gospel                                  outreach_black-300x169 
When Jesus came to earth as a man, He was constantly reminding people that he had to be about His Father’s business. He later told us what exactly that business was, to seek and to save those who are lost. As a church, we want to be about this same business. We want everyone in our community to know that God loves them and is calling them to receive Him.
relationships_black-300x169 Build Relationships
Many times in the Bible, God calls the church a family. That is why we at Bible Baptist view each other as family members as well as friends. We need each other for love, comfort, support, accountability, and encouragement. We strive to create an atmosphere that allows our members and guests to cultivate deep, lasting relationships with each other.
Disciple Others
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            One of Christ’s final commands before He ascended into heaven was to teach others about what He had        done. Jesus urges us to make disciples of others, but He also tells us not to stop there. It is our duty as a  church to teach others as they develop in their own, personal relationship with Jesus. This is why we offer so  many various times of teaching and training for Christians of all ages.
Serve Our Community
God has given everyone special talents and gifts to use to minister and serve others. Yes, we use these gifts to serve others within our church, but it doesn’t end there. We believe we should also be serving those we come into contact with daily at work and home. We strive to be people who share the love of God with everyone we meet by serving their needs.



What We Believe

We believe the King James Bible and teach it to be perfectly true. Every belief and teaching of Bible Baptist flows from God’s Word. For a more detailed account and description of our doctrine, feel free to request a doctrinal statement from the church office.