What is it?
  The Bible Ministry of our church is able to provide the Word of God to global missionaries – free of charge – for free distribution. Our church members donate their money to buy materials and their time to assemble the portions. This allows us to produce Bible portions at a minimal cost. Due to God’s incredible faithfulness both through His Word and His people, our church has exceeded the one million-copy mark per year in production for the last several years. Fifteen million copies have been produced and sent out since the year 2000.
Where Do I Fit In?


The Bible Ministry offers an opportunity for the entire family to be involved in world missions, hands on. Most of our people will never set foot on foreign soil; but, because of the Bible Ministry, their fingerprints can be found around the world.

   Our regular work schedule is Monday and Wednesday mornings at the Missions Center. Also, on the first Wednesday of each month, we meet at the church at 5:30 PM to enjoy a meal and to assemble the Scriptures until church time. This allows those in our church who cannot come during the regular weekday schedule to have a part in this wonderful ministry of Bible Publishing.