May 2020

Mother Knows Best

“Mother Knows Best” by John 2:1-5.

A Mother’s Calling

“A Mother’s Calling” by Luke 1:30-38.

Not Unto Us pt 1

“Not Unto Us pt 1” by Psalm 115:1-8.

April 2020

The Sense of Awe

“The Sense of Awe” by Psalm 114.

Praise pt 2

“Praise pt 2” by Psalm 113.

God’s Unsettling Word

“God’s Unsettling Word” by I Peter 5:10.

Praise pt 1

“Praise pt 1” by Psalm 113.

The Results of the Resurrection

“The Results of the Resurrection” by I Corinthians 15:12-19.

Celebrating a Risen Savior

“Celebrating a Risen Savior” by I Peter 3:18.

The Humble King’

“The Humble King'” by Matthew 21:1-11.