September 2021

Angelology pt 7

“Angelology pt 7” from Doctrine pt 27 by II Corinthians 4:4.

The Model Judge

“The Model Judge” by Judges 3:5.

Angelology pt 6

“Angelology pt 6” from Doctrine pt 26 by II Corinthians 4:$.

God’s Response to Disobedience

“God’s Response to Disobedience” by Judges 2:16.

Purpose: Share Christ

“Purpose: Share Christ” by John 15:16.

Angelology pt 5

“Angelology pt 5” from Doctrine pt 25 by Luke 4:5.

Purpose: Show Love

“Purpose: Show Love” by John 15:8-12.

Characteristocs of Sheep and out Good Shepherd

“Characteristocs of Sheep and out Good Shepherd” by John 10:11-16.

Angelogy pt 4

“Angelogy pt 4” from Doctrine pt 24 by I Corinthians 4:4.

August 2021

Finding Joy in Grace

“Finding Joy in Grace” from Finding Joy pt 33 by Philippians 4:20-23.