April 2021

From Gilgal to Gilboa

“From Gilgal to Gilboa” by I Samuel 9:21.


“Pneumotology” from Doctrine pt 7.

Taking Your Next Step

“Taking Your Next Step” by Joshua 5:1-2.

Christology pt 2

“Christology pt 2” from Doctrine pt 6 by Matthew 1:16.

Consider Your Ways

“Consider Your Ways” by Haggai 1:1-8.

The Call to Disciple

“The Call to Disciple” by I Peter 5.


“Christology” from Doctrine pt 5 by Matthew 2:11.

Sunrise Service 2021

“Sunrise Service 2021” by John 20:1-18.

Behold Your King

“Behold Your King” by John 19:1-14.

March 2021

Bibliology pt 2

“Bibliology pt 2” from Doctrine pt 4 by Jeremiah 1:4-5.